Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services in Yolo County

Call us at 1-800-630-2224 or 530-661-2676


If you want a fulfilling career providing domestic services or personal care to individuals who are elderly or have a disability and are in need of assistance to live independently in their homes, become a homecare provider!

Orientation, Interview, and Training

The first step in becoming a provider listed on the Public Authority Registry is to call (530) 661-2676 for an application and to find out the date, time, and location of the next orientation.

Before being admitted to the orientation and interview, applicants must provide:

Orientation and interview slots are on a first come, first serve basis, and space is limited.

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The Registry conducts criminal background checks on all applicants to determine if there is any record of a felony conviction, so be truthful when filling out your application. You CANNOT be listed on the Public Authority Registry until you pass a Department of Justice fingerprint check, drug & alcohol test, TB Test, local and regional background checks, and a reference check. Also, you cannot be listed on the Registry until you have a personal interview with a Registry Specialist and you have signed the completed Provider Enrollment Application Form.

Educational Opportunities

The Public Authority offers a variety of training opportunities to provide support and enhance the skills of the home care provider and the quality of consumer care. We are working with several agencies throughout Yolo County to provide a diverse and high quality level of training. To ensure the quality of training, class sizes are limited. Training opportunities will be mailed to Registry Providers periodically. To find out information on training, call (530) 661-2676.

Types of training include:

Locations for Orientations are:

Woodland West Sacramento
25 N. Cottonwood St.
Employment & Social Services Building
500 Jefferson St. Suite 100
Social Services Building


Duties and Tips

By now you have the general idea as to what IHSS is and how the PA Registry works. The Registry operates a computer program to identify potential providers for consumers using criteria like availability, location, skills, etc. The Public Authority’s responsibility is to match the best-suited homecare provider with a consumer. Remember: the consumer is your employer and it is the consumer’s responsibility to hire workers from the list of providers supplied by the PA.

You will only be paid for the work you perform for the IHSS consumer, not for work you do for others living in the home unless authorized by IHSS. Politely decline if asked to do work that is not authorized. Examples of authorized tasks are listed below.

Domestic Services:

Clean kitchen; clean bathroom; sweep; vacuum; wash floors; dust; take out the garbage; shop; menu planning, cooking, meal clean up; washing, drying, folding, ironing and putting away laundry; minor mending

Personal Care Services:

Bathing, dressing grooming, feeding, help in self- administering oxygen or medicine, assistance with bowel, bladder and menstrual care, emptying catheter or colostomy bags, help in and out of bed or wheelchair, help on or off a seat or toilet, accompaniment to medical appointments or health related locations, range of motion exercises

Abuse and Your Responsibility

All In-Home Supportive Service providers are required by law to report suspected cases of abuse to Adult Protective Services (APS). If you suspect that a consumer is abused or neglected, call APS at (530) 661-2955.

Abuse Defined

Elder or dependent abuse includes, but is not limited to: