Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services in Yolo County

Call us at 1-800-630-2224 or 530-661-2676


For Home Care Consumers

To apply for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS):

If you need assistance to stay in your home and you are low income and elderly or disabled, call Yolo County Adult Services at (916) 375-6239 to make an appointment with a County IHSS Social Worker.

Need to find a Provider?

If you are already an IHSS consumer and you are looking for a provider, please call the Public Authority Registry at (530) 661-2676. The Registry provides referral lists to match qualified homecare providers with consumers needing care.

To use the Registry services, the consumer calls the Registry at (530) 661-2676. When you call the Registry, a Registry Specialist interviews you to determine your needs. It is important to know the number of hours your IHSS Social Worker authorized and the types of services authorized. The information you (the consumer) provide is entered into the Registry database, which is used to match a consumer’s needs with a potential homecare provider’s skills and availability. Once a customized list is developed, it is mailed to the consumer. Lists are mailed approximately three business days from the date of request. Once a consumer receives the referral list, they are to contact the potential providers to set up interviews, as soon as possible.

As a consumer, your responsibilities are to: