Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services in Yolo County

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Governing Board Members

Public Authority Governing Board Members

Yolo County Board of Supervisors, 2009

Oscar VillegasOscar Villegas, District 1
Don Saylor, District 2
Matt Rexroad Matt Rexroad, District 3
Jim Provenza Jim Provenza, Chair, District 4
Duane Chamberlain Duane Chamberlain, Vice Chair, District 5

Advisory Committee

Frances Gracechild, Chair
Winifred deAnda, Vice-Chair
Johanne Lewis
Nunie Matta
Sheila Allen
Sherrie Ewing
Brad Toy
Mary Helen Uribe
Ellen Edwards

The IHSS Advisory Committee is a citizen body comprised of members who are appointed by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors. The members are consumers or providers of in-home supportive services, advocates for senior and/or disabled adults, or advocates for related interested community organizations. The Committee’s responsibility is to advise the Governing Board, the Public Authority, Department of Employment and Social Services, and other involved agencies about IHSS and make recommendations to improve services.

Public Authority Staff

Director: Frances Smith
Benefits Coordinator/Secretary: Evan Wyatt
Registry Specialist/Training Coordinator: Olga Drovorub
Registry Specialist/Outreach Coordinator: Paula Gonzalez