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Memories of Sherry Kaufman
November 18, 1958 – October 19, 2007

We are deeply saddened by the death of Sherry Kaufman. She was a valued and important member of the Yolo County IHSS Advisory Committee, and we will greatly miss her presence and input at our meetings. In her quiet manner, she contributed many important ideas to the topics under discussion. She served on the Committee from ? to October 2007. She represented the consumer voice on the Advisory Committee.

I first met Sherry in 1981 when she came to the University of California Davis campus to begin Law school at King Hall. She was looking for housing. As part of her background, she was a student with a significant disability who used an electric wheelchair as a result of polio and muscular dystrophy. She used personal care assistance in her daily life for all personal care needs.

Sherry completed law school and received her Juris doctorate degree. In 1985, Sherry passed the bar and was admitted as an attorney and council at law by the Supreme Court. Sherry worked for a law firm in Sacramento for two years, then was hired by the State of California in the office of Administrative Law on Capitol Mal. She worked and commuted to Sacramento for twenty years.

We shared our lives with each other as we rode the Yolo Special bus each month to the Yolo County In-Home-Support Services Advisory Committee meetings. On the Committee, Sherry raised important issues and suggested solutions to the topics under discussion.

When the Advisory Committee, IHSS, and the Public Authority put on a conference for consumers and providers, Sherry spearheaded a survey to collect information from consumers and providers during a conference about their experience and suggestions for improvements. Sherry was an arranger and organizer. She also took charge of the food arrangements. She had such a knack and talent with food. Last year, she put on a cooking demonstration during the conference for both consumers and providers with her attendant Paige to demonstrate how she guided her attendant to prepare a nutritious meal. This workshop was the hit of the conference!

I had the opportunity to be part of both Sherry and Peter’s wedding celebration as a bridesmaid. Their relationship was unique and special, and they always glowed with happiness. They were a great couple and both took care of each other.

Sherry was a wonderful person to everyone who came across her path. She was kind to everyone and helped others with their struggles and dilemmas. She always had a caring and logical idea to share. She was good both on the inside and outside and radiated warmth, beauty, and joyfulness to others.
We have many wonderful memories with Sherry. Even with a severe disability, she lived her life to the fullest, and she was a joy to be around. Our lives are so much richer for knowing her.

Nancy Seyden