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Advisory Committee - Mission and Goals


The IHSS Advisory Committee believes in the importance of: IHSS to elderly and disabled consumers; the consumer-provider relationship; and consumers making decisions and having a voice in their services and in their living situation. The Committee believes that IHSS is a necessary and essential service contributing to the dignity, safety, and independence of consumers. The Committee acknowledges the interdependence of the consumer and the provider by recognizing, respecting, and addressing the rights and needs of both groups. The Committee also supports services that further the consumer’s right to live independently in the most appropriate and least restrictive setting.


The mission of the IHSS Advisory Committee is to give consumers and providers a voice in IHSS and Public Authority Policy, program development and operations.

We do this by advising, advocating and making recommendations for the enhancement, availability and quality of IHSS and ensuring services that support a positive productive relationship between the consumers and providers.


In developing goals, the IHSS Advisory Committee considered goals that would be essential in facilitating accomplishment of the organization’s mission:

  • Provide consumer and provider voice in IHSS and Public Authority policy, program development, and operations
  • Advocate for IHSS improvements at the local, state and federal level
  • Investigate background of potential providers
  • Ensure IHSS consumers’ rights to recruit, select, terminate, train and direct the work of any IHSS providers delivering services to them
  • Ensure supportive services that assist in promoting a successful, productive and accountable relationship between consumer and provider

Duties and Responsibilities

Assembly Bill 1682 requires that the Board of Supervisors appoint an IHSS Advisory Committee having a majority of consumer members as defined in W & I Code section 12301.6 and Assembly Bill 1682.

Assembly Bill 1682 defines the role of the Advisory Committee as follows:

  • To serve in an advisory capacity regarding IHSS and the Public Authority to the County Board of Supervisors, the governing body of the Public Authority, IHSS contractor(s), and any administrative body in the county that is related to the delivery and administration of IHSS.
    The Advisory Committee recommends the following duties and responsibilities for the IHSS

Advisory Committee:

  • Staying informed/educated on IHSS and Public Authority issues
  • Providing consumer and provider input into IHSS and Public Authority
  • Participating in outreach and educational activities
  • Providing a forum for consumers and providers of personal assistance services, providers, advocates and other interested parties to participate in Public Authority policy and program development
  • Reviewing, advising and making recommendations to the Board on pending legislation that may impact the IHSS program, consumers, providers, and/or Public Authorities
  • With Governing Board approval, engaging in advocacy activities related to IHSS consumer and provider issues
  • Providing input on collective-bargaining issues

For fiscal year 2005/2006, the Yolo County IHSS Advisory Committee has established the following annual goals:

Legislative and Budgetary Advocacy
  • Treatment of income for IHSS consumer retirees
  • Extension of work visas for visitors to become IHSS providers
  • Reading services as an allowable IHSS task
  • Quality of life advocacy
Projects and Activities
  • Registry expansion
  • Collaboration with aging, disabled and housing committees
  • Provider recruitment effectiveness
  • Provider recognition
  • Provider training stipends
Member Education and Training
  • Medical versus independent living model
  • Affecting change statewide
  • IHSS Quality Assurance

History of Accomplishments

  • Completed "IHSS Consumer Orientation" video (13 minutes): It explains to IHSS applicants what to expect when they apply for IHSS and receive and in-home needs assessment by their Social Worker.
  • Completed "Consumer Orientation - Living with Personal Care Assistance" video (60 minutes): Nancy Seyden, In-Home Supportive Services educator and consumer, shares her experiences and insight on how to effectively recruit, hire, train and manage care providers. Full of specific techniques based on decades of experience this video is an invaluable tool in developing and maintaining a positive consumer/ care provider relationship.
  • Completed "Care Provider Training Overview" video (12 mintues): It is available in VHS or DVD format. This film provides valuable pointers for the severely impaired, on how to direct their care.
  • Held a planning retreat
  • Attended Statewide Advisory Committee Conference
  • Joint Tri-County Conference : Yolo, Solano and Napa Counties held a joint conference for consumers and providers on March 16, 2005 in Vacaville. The conference provided a day of learning and networking for recipients and providers.
  • Held Information Gathering Emergency Preparedness Conference on November 2008.
  • IHSS Advisory Committee Retreat : Planning members to discuss next year’s projects was held in Davis in January 2005.
  • Yearly development of a operational budget.

Meeting Time and Location

The committee meets the first Wednesday of each month from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm in the Department of Social Services Community Conference Room at 25 N. Cottonwood Street in Woodland. IHSS Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public.

Letter from the Chair

download the letter (PDF file, 32KB)