Public Authority for In-Home Supportive Services in Yolo County

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IHSS Public Authority Advisory Committee Appointments

Consumers – At large (Board appointed)
Professionals – by District

1 Winifred deAnda - Vice-Chair, Consumer

1 Johanne Lewis - District 1 Former Provider

2 Marcelo Matta - Consumer

2 Frances Gracechild - District 2 - Chair, Communited-based Organization for the disabled

3 Mary Helen Uribe - Consumer

3 Nancy Streeter - District 3 - Provider Advocate

4 Brad Toy - Consumer

4 Ellen Berman - District 4 - Community-based Organization for the elderly

5 Sherrie Ewing - Consumer

5 Sheila Allen - District 5 - County Employee

6 Vacant  

Membership Requirements:

The membership of the Yolo County IHSS Advisory Committee shall consist of eleven rotating members, who shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors as follows:

  • Six (6) Consumer Members shall be residents of Yolo County who are current or past users of personal assistance services paid for through public or private funds or as recipients of IHSS.
  • Five (5) Categorical Members who shall reside or work in Yolo County and who are appointed one from each supervisorial district as follows:
    1. At least two members of the Committee shall be current or former providers of IHSS.
    2. Individuals who represent organizations that advocate for people with disabilities or seniors may be appointed to the Committee.
    3. Individuals from the community-based organizations that advocate on behalf of home care employees may be appointed to Committee.
    4. The Board shall not appoint more than one County employee as a member of the Advisory Committee, but may designate any County employee to provide ongoing advice and support to the Committee.


Prior to making appointments to the IHSS Advisory Committee, The Board of Supervisors solicits recommendations for qualified members. Efforts shall be made to recruit and select Advisory Committee members representing the ethnic, racial, geographic, age and other diversities of the County’s IHSS consumer and provider populations. The application for membership shall include a section where applicants may voluntarily state their ethnicity.

Membership Applications

Membership applications are available through the Public Authority Yolo County Board of Supervisors Clerk, at (530) 661-2767.